The Picture Frame Is Not the Main Event

As you start the framing process, it’s a good idea to sketch out your initial ideas. Just remember that as you are doing this, the frame isn't what everyone is supposed to be looking at.

A decorated frame or even a classic wood frame should do the same thing:draw attention to the artwork inside. 

The frame enhances the viewing experience. Consider ways to incorporate the primary elements of the artwork into the frame.

For instance, if you have a mahogany and teal Japanese silk painting, you might consider a mahogany frame to tie in the palette. A basic polished frame will add a finished look to the painting and create a more solid viewing experience.

But you might also decide to go the opposite way and choose an unstained pine frame. The pine frame would accent the silk painting colors without mimicking them.

Because of the lightness, pine gives the painting a more open appearance; the frame almost melds into the background, attracting the eye to the focal point in the picture. Different frames create different effects. When you’re trying to find the best one, you might consider trying a couple options. Narrow down your selection to your top three. 

 The Wall Makes Up Part of the Display

When you’re considering doing the framing yourself, remember the wall.

The wall your picture is hung upon is just as important to your display as the frame and the painting. If, for instance, you take that mahogany and teal Japanese silk painting and frame it on a wall painted teal, you won’t want to use the light pine frame.

The starkness of the contrast will make the frame the focal point rather than the painting. If, on the other hand, you have a light colored wall, you could choose either. When hanging a picture on a dark wall, avoid light frames.

When hanging a picture on a light wall, you can choose either light or dark, depending on what you want to accomplish.

Framing allows you to create a viewing experience and accent the already beautiful artwork on display.

The frame itself can be decorated to make it unique, but it is not the main event. Remember that it is intended to set the artwork off to its best advantage. But when makir choice, also remember your walls. The right frame will work with both the walls and your artwork.