Mount Guide

Find out more about how to mount a picture or photograph.


Picture mounts can make subjects look even more remarkable.

This is because mounts emphasize and highlight key elements of the subject and will draw your attention to the print/artwork. On small subjects, wide mounts give the impression of value and importance whereas on large subjects a wide mount will help to keep everything in proportion.

If you’re double mounting, using one mount underneath another – Main & Base

It is recommended that the bottom mount, the part nearest to the artwork, is no smaller than 5mm and around 8mm wide. This is personal taste however 10mm should be the absolute maximum.

If you’re using Multi-Photo (Multiple photos/pictures in the one frame)

The internal gaps between the images should always be smaller than the main mount widths. We recommend approx. 20mm width or 60% of the outer mount widths.

If you’re selecting a main mount width of 50mm, a 30mm central border will be in proportion.

Another option, increasing the bottom mount border width.

In other words, when entering the mount border widths, have the bottom border width a little wider than on the top and sides. This gives a feeling of support and a gallery look, making an artwork more balanced and easier on the eyes.

Choosing a mount colour.

Different mount colours change the look of your artwork/photo in different ways.

This again is personal preference and what you think looks best. A darker colour will control an image, turn your eye inward and make the image seem smaller, whilst a lighter colour of mount will tend to amplify it and make it appear larger. Black and white images look great with white mounts. Neutral colours such as ivory or cream suit most artworks and decors.