Easy-Frame's Gift Ideas!

Nothing says a “gift from the heart” like a personal, unique custom frame. It’s both splendid and functional, and there is an abundance of options. Here are some custom framed ideas for gift giving this year!


For the concert goer.

Many of us collect concert tickets and posters and most of the time they hold a lot of sentimental value. Show your loved one that you get their taste in music by giving them a custom framed concert poster. If your friend isn’t into music, then why not frame a poster from a different type of event (craft fair, museum opening, seminar and so on!)


For the sports fan.

Nicely framed has been framing sports jerseys and memorabilia for many years. Our custom frames and box frames make it easy to frame odd-shaped items like medals and badges. Also, for the keen sports person you can frame a photo or artwork of them competing in their beloved sport!


For the globe trotter.

Have you a friend or loved one that just loves to travel? You can’t go wrong with a custom framed photograph of a beautiful place.

A large framed photographic print will make a bold statement in their home and remind them of their travels.


For the workaholic.

Whether you know a workaholic, or are one yourself, a custom framed quote is perfect for someone that never stops! Choose a quote that suits their style and frame it in a modern frame, perfect for any home or office.