The best ways to frame wedding photos

If a family member or friend is getting married and you would like to give them something more meaningful than cash or a voucher, then Easy-Frame has you covered! 

 Create a custom multi-photo frame!

Choose pictures of milestone moments like the engagement, wedding day or favourite holidays and put them together in one frame.


Frame the save the date or wedding invitation!

It won’t cost a lot and is a great gift idea. Customise it by adding a coloured mount.

If you are the Newlyweds!

There are so many ways to memorialize your wedding day. Choose special bits and pieces from your wedding to frame and put your own stamp on.

If you have just received your digital wedding photos, Easy-Frame can deliver your frame to your door ready to put your photos inside and hang on your wall. We have a wide range of frame styles and layouts if you have lots of photos that you would like to frame, or why not create a gallery wall.

Don’t forget about your anniversary!

Did you know that wood is the traditional gift for 5 years of marriage?

All our picture frames are wood frames, and this seems pretty perfect.