Why Buy A Custom Frame?

Find out why buying a custom frame is the best way to display your artwork, photographs or prized posessions.

The price tag on ready-made frames from places like Ikea can be tempting, but when it comes to protecting treasured posters, photos or prints for the long haul it pays to do a little research. When choosing how to frame, keep in mind that the quality of materials used can drastically affect the condition of your artwork or pictures over time.

Protect Your Art

Whether you've got a sentimental poster from a concert or a cherished photo of a milestone moment, these memorabilia deserve to be treated properly. Anything that comes in contact with your artwork should be acid-free and archival in quality, or else you risk deterioration or yellowing over time. Online Framing with archival components is the best way to ensure your items last as long as possible in the best condition. Our picture frames come with archival, acid-free mount boards that prevent paper-based artwork from permanently yellowing over time.

For glazing we use framer's grade acrylic instead of traditional glass, since the latter is much heavier and prone to shattering. We offer a UV-protection option that filters out 99% of damaging UV rays, and a special non-glare option which effectively cuts down any reflections from environmental lighting while also being UV protective.

Made For You

Ready-made frames seriously limit your options, since you don't have the ability to choose frame and mount combination that would best suit your artwork. With custom framing, we're able to tailor the mounting technique to perfectly fit your project. This ensures your final product will look exactly the way you want it when it’s hung on your wall.

Personalised Service

Our framing experts can work with you to choose a mount and frame that will perfectly complement the artwork and look right at home wherever you display it. With our online framing tool, you can test out different frame and mount options and see your customisations on the screen. You can even upload an image of your photo or print to see exactly how your finished frame will look.

Your Custom Frame, Fast

Custom picture framing doesn’t mean you have to wait weeks and weeks for your finished frame. AtEasy-Frame, custom frames and framed photos are handcrafted, assembled and shipped to you within a week.

We supply picture frames to individuals and large businesses worldwide and are renowned for our quality and expertise.

At Easy-Frame, you will find a wide range of wooden picture frames in various colours, styles and finishes along with picture mounts, hangers, accessories and glazing.

We frequently add new items to our range, in order to keep abreast of the latest interior and picture framing designs.We have a frame to suit every style and taste.